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Online casinos have exploded to popularity in recent years as more players come to grasp the intricacies of web-based wagering. The major draw to these casinos is the array of games up for grabs. The most common options you have are table games and there are quite a few to choose from. Because there is such a wide variety, it is good to know just what is available so you don’t find yourself wondering aimlessly from room to room.

Head up with the Dealer

Table games are generally the same games you will find at the tables in brick and mortar casinos. Two of the most popular choices are baccarat and black jack. Both of these games are favorable to the player and make a great option for beginners. Baccarat has become such a hit because it is simple and doesn’t require any real skill to play. While the concept isnt difficult, blackjack tends to be a little more challenging. However, the fact that it does require a little know-how and gets so intense makes a favorite among serious players. Because winning against the dealer is much harder, you will probably want to get familiar with blackjack before placing a wager online.

The Many Faces of Poker

There are many other card games available but most fail in comparison to the popularity of poker. With poker you get options such as Texas Hold Em, Let it Ride, Caribbean Stud Poker, Tri Card Poker and the list goes on. In many of these games, you aren’t necessarily playing against other players, but against the dealer, similar to black jack and baccarat. There are numerous poker rooms online, most of which offer generous incentives such as ovo casino bonus, promotional offers and huge progressive jackpots that seem to never stop growing. Competition is heavy in the poker room so you definitely don’t want to approach the tables without your skills and virtual game face intact.

Dice and the Big Wheel

The main table games that don’t involve cards are craps and roulette. Arguably the most popular land casino game, roulette typically gives the house a higher edge but that doesn’t take away from the excitement involved with spinning the wheel. This game is often a first choice for beginners for the simple fact that it doesn’t require any skills roulette is the ultimate game of luck. You can play at Roulette comes in many niche variations such as French, European and American, which ironically is the least popular. Craps is another risky game filled with plenty of sucker bets that make it harder to distinguish between the good wagers. Though exciting an nearly as fun as the real life version, this isnt a table you want to try without your head in the game. The plethora of online casino games is enough to make your head spin. While many of the rules are the same, it would be wise to get some information on online play before heading into a room. Fortunately, there are numerous communities and tutorials that will provide you with essential tips on how to play virtually any game. Even better, there is also a nice variety of casinos that will allow you to play for free and gain the confidence you need to play for money.



History of Organized Lotteries

A Brief History of Lotteries

Different forms of lotteries have been important through history. Ancient Greece, India, China and Japan all had lotteries. Emperor Nero utilized lotteries for prizes at his parties. The Great Wall of China was partially financed through revenue from a lottery. The Bible mentions drawing lots in numerous sections as lot casting was the most popular means of communication between humans and God.

The Middle Ages

In 1420, lotteries were utilized in Europe for public works through the sale of high-value commodities like art and land. The first publicly recognized lottery was in 1530 in Florence, Italy. This money was raised to assist public works. The first English lottery began in 1566 and was also for public works. Centuries later, in 1753, the British Museum was completely funded by lottery revenue. England also had private lotteries but was so corrupt, they were abolished in 1699.

United States History

Lotteries have a long and diverse history across the globe. In the United States, lotteries became popular again in 1964 after years of decline. New Hampshire legalized lotteries because it is a low-stakes, low-excitement activity. At this time, drawings were held only twice per year and the pot was small. This version was modeled from the Irish sweepstakes in which the winning numbers were associated with a winning horse during a race. Historians consider New Jersey to have the most successful lottery due to frequent drawings and much larger winnings. Once the Governor legalized the organized system, many states followed. To this day, most state lotteries are modeled after the New Jersey version.

The Domino Effect

Currently, lotteries are legal in 37 states and the District of Columbia. Since the implementation of the New Jersey lottery, the idea has spread across the country in a domino effect manner commonly found with gaming regulations. If a neighboring state has a lottery, any touching state is likely to also implement a lottery system. The migration began in the Northeast and spread west. The only areas that lotteries are illegal are the South, Alaska and Hawaii. Lotteries and bingo are the most popular type of gambling. As a result, not only are state-run lotteries available to the public but many Native American tribes have also adopted this form of gambling to generate revenue. Lotteries are a popular, legal (in most states) form of gambling that provides some excitement for a low cost while generating money for the state. In the future, perhaps Southern states, Alaska and Hawaii will jump on board and implement a system.


Texas Holdem

Full Ring Texas Holdem

Texas Holdem Poker Hands Position

As you already know, in Short-Handed Texas Holdem poker up to six players can play at one time. When there are as many as ten Texas Holdem players in the game, it is called Full Ring game. In Short-Handed games you will play more hands, because there are few players at the table. In Full Ring Texas Holdem games you will not be able to play so many hands, but if you are a good player and use the correct strategy, these games could be very profitable for you. In Full Ring games you will play against many opponents, so it will be quite difficult for you to overcome all of them.  Knowing the rules of the game is very essential if you want to become a winner in a Full Ring game. All Texas Holdem rules apply in the Full Ring game – a standard 52-card deck is used and as many as 10 players can play at one table. There is one player, who deals the cards and he is called the Button or the Dealer. The two players to the immediate left of the dealer post blind bets before any cards are dealt. First, each player in the Full Ring Texas Holdem game receives his two pocket cards and the first betting round takes place. Next, three down-cards, known as the Flop are dealt in the middle of the table and the second round of betting occurs. Other two face-up cards are drawn on the table with a betting round after each. At the showdown, in order to determine the winner, all remaining players in the Full Ring game reveal their cards and the best five-card hand wins the pot.

Full Ring Texas Holdem

Almost all poker tournaments are Full Ring Texas Holdem games and if you want to participate you will need to play at Low Limit tables first. Full Ring No Limit games are not very suitable for beginners, because if you do not know how to play Texas Holdem poker you could lose large amounts of money. So if you are a new poker player it is better to start with free Short-Handed Texas Holdem. In this way you will improve your play and sharpen your skills. If you are an expert poker player, Full Ring Texas Holdem games could be very profitable for you, because in these games there are many players at the table and it means that the pot is bigger than in any Short-Handed game.

Full Ring Poker

In Full Ring Texas Holdem games you will play against many opponents, so there are many skills you need to master in order to beat them all. Probably one of the most important skills is choosing the right table. Most of the players in the Full Ring games know how to play Texas Holdem poker and play this game very well, so you will need to find a table with at least two or three bad players. Most of your winnings will come exactly from these players. Your position at the table is also very important when you play Full Ring Texas Holdem poker. Of course, playing from late position is better than playing from early position, because when you act last you have much more information about the game. When you are in late position, you can see how your opponents play their cards and this will help you to predict the strength of their hands. If you want to play Full Ring games, reading your opponents is a skill you have to possess. You will play against many poker players in the Full Ring Texas Holdem game and if you can read their actions, it will give you important information about their hands. This will certainly help you to become a winning player in a Full Ring game. Playing Full Ring games will make you ready for large online and live Texas Holdem tournaments, where you can win big amounts of real money.


Texas Holdem

Best Starting Hands in Texas Holdem

How Do You Play Texas Hold’em Step By Step

The game of Texas Holdem could be very profitable for everyone who knows its rules and uses the best strategy. No matter whether you are a beginner or an advanced poker player, you will also need a little luck in order to become a winner. One of the keys to your success in Texas Holdem poker game is the knowledge of which cards to play and which cards to fold. In the beginning of the game you should decide whether to play your two hole cards, so knowing the value of the cards is very important part of your play. Of course your decision on which cards to play depends on your position at the Texas Holdem table. 

The best starting hands in Texas Holdem poker game:

Ace-Ace is the strongest starting hand you can receive when playing Texas Holdem poker. Remember that this hand will win more than any other hand. King-King is the second best Texas Holdem hand and holding this hand you have very good chances to win. Ace-King is also a strong hand, but you need to rely on the first three community cards in order to get a pair of Aces or Kings and to see the flop. Queen-Queen – two suited Queens are also a very strong hand. Only Ace-Ace and King-King will beat this hand. Jack-Jack – this is a quite good starting hand but in order to win the game you need to be dealt good community cards, which will help you to improve your hand. When your pocket cards are Ace-Ace, King-King or Ace-King suited, you can raise and even re-raise before the flop and you have good chances to win the game. When you are dealt Queen-Queen or Jack-Jack you still have good chances to become the winner, but all depends on the first three community cards.

Strong starting hands in Texas Holdem poker:

Ace-Queen is second best drawing hand and when these two cards are of one suit, the hand will win about 20% of the time. Ace-Jack – this is another quite good drawing hand even unsuited, but it is better when the two cards are suited. King-Queen is a strong drawing hand, especially when King and Queen are suited. King-Jack – when the cards are of the same suit, this hand wins under 20% of the time and when unsuited the percentage falls under 15%. Ace-Ten – this is still a good hand and it is better when it is suited. When you are dealt these strong cards you have the chance to improve your hand especially when the two cards are suited. Be very careful when you are dealt King-Jack or Ace-Ten unsuited and if you think somebody has a stronger hand, it is better to fold. Remember that deciding whether to play your starting hand or not is one of the most important skills you have to master if you want to become a professional Texas Holdem player.


Texas Holdem

Famous Texas Holdem Players

Famous Texas Holdem Players

Texas Holdem poker is an interesting card game, played all around the world. You can play this poker game at home with your friends, you can visit a casino and join a Texas Holdem table and today you can even play it on the Internet. Online you will find many poker rooms where you can play for free and for real money, you can take part in online Texas Holdem tournaments and if you are a good poker player you could win big real-cash prizes. As you probably know, there are hundreds professional players who play Texas Holdem every day and participate in big online and real poker tournaments. Many of these players are really good in Texas Holdem game and win millions of dollars. Here are some of the best and most popular Texas Holdem players:

Poker Player Rankings

Michael Mizrachi – also known as Mike The Grinder Mizrachi, the professional poker player was born on 5th of January 1981. First, his family lived in North Miami Beach and later they moved to Hollywood, Florida. He has a twin brother – Eric Mizrachi and other two brothers. In the beginning, Michael Mizrachi start playing online poker after one of his brothers – Robert won a prize playing online. Robert Mizrachi is also a successful poker player. During the last few years Mizrachi becomes a very popular poker player with his successes in some large tournaments. In 2005 Michael Mizrachi reached the final table in the World Poker Tour tournament. Also in 2005 The Grinder won the LA Poker Classic and became fifth at the World Poker Open. 2006 is also a successful year for the young poker player – he took second place at Gold Strike World Poker Open, Tunica and became the winner at Borgata Winter Poker Open at Atlantic City. Daniel Negreanu is also a very well-known Texas Holdem poker player. He was born on 26th of July 1974 in Toronto and now he lives in Las Vegas. Daniel started playing poker when he was only 15 years old. After he moved to Las Vegas, he became one of the most successful Texas Holdem players in the world. He has won many large tournaments as the 1998 Pot Limit Holdem event, the 1999 US Poker Championship, the 2003 Shoe event and many more. In 2004, the Card Player Magazine and the World Poker Tour announced Daniel Negreanu as the Poker Player of the year. In 2004 he won over $4,400,000 participating in poker tournaments. In 2006 Daniel Negreanu won the WSOP Circuit Championship at Grand Casino-Resorts in Tunica.

Best Online Poker Players

Joseph Hachem is a 39 years old professional poker player, who became the 2005 World Champion of Poker. He was born in Lebanon, but now he lives near Melbourne in Australia. He started playing poker 10 years ago, but this was his first World Series of Poker event. In the main event at the 2005 World Series of Poker he overcame 5618 No Limit Holdem players to become the winner. His victory brought him the World Champion of Poker title and $7,500,000. Phil Ivey was born in 1976 and now he lives in Atlantic City. He has been a professional poker player since 10 years, but became popular during the last few years. Now Phil Ivey is one of the top poker players on the whole planet. This young poker player has many successes – he won the 2000 Pot Limit event, the 2002 Shoe event, the 2005 Pot Limit Omaha event and many more tournaments. In season one of the World Poker Tour he finished third at the Foxwoods event, took second place at Tunica and became third at the World Poker Tour Final. During 2005 Phil Ivey has around $3,4000,000 in tournament winnings and was announced as the 2005 Poker Player of the year by the Bluff Magazine.


Texas Holdem

How to Avoid Texas Holdem Tilt

How to Avoid Texas Holdem Tilt

Texas Holdem is a variation of poker, which means that it is above all a game of luck. You can win large amounts of real money when playing this game, but also you could lose much. Probably all poker players afraid of losing their money while playing poker, but everyone loses less or much when he is a beginner. The term Go on Tilt in Texas Holdem poker is used when a player starts playing worse. Usually players go on Tilt when they have no luck and receive only bad hands. The most common mistakes a player on Tilt makes are playing too many hands in the desire to stay in the game and wagering on bad hands. When a Texas Holdem player is on Tilt, most of the time he makes wrong decisions and in this way he loses more and more.  It is very important to control your emotions when you play Texas Holdem poker. This will certainly help you to avoid Tilting. You will never become an expert poker player if you do not know how to behave at the table. Remember that the self-control is one of the keys to your success. You must learn to recognize when you are going on Tilt, because controlling your feelings will not always help you to avoid Tilting. When you feel you are going on Tilt, the best decision for you will be to leave the game for a while and if you cannot overcome this problem it is better to stop playing. In this situation, if you continue playing the only thing that could happen to you is losing all your money. Now you probably realize the significance of the self-control in the game of Texas Holdem poker.

Poker Tilt Book

Many Texas Holdem players realize they are on Tilt when it is too late. You must never permit this happen to you, because you will lose all your money before you realize you are on Tilt. If you notice that you are playing more and more bad hands in your wish to see the showdown or you are very nervous while playing, it is almost sure that you are Tilting. In this case it is good to take a little rest and come back when you are feeling better. When you notice you are tired and you cannot make the right decisions during the game, you must leave the table if you do not want to go on Tilt. Many good poker players afraid of going on Tilt and there are many good reasons why – when you are on Tilt and you continue playing, you will never become a winner. Probably the worst thing is that most of the Texas Holdem players do not realize they are on Tilt and stay in the game while lose all their money. It is a big advantage if you could recognize when someone of your opponents is going on Tilt. It is almost sure that he will continue playing if he does not realize he is Tilting. You can use this to make his money yours, because this player will play almost every hand, no matter it is good or bad. And if there are some players on Tilt among your opponents, you could win more and more. But be very careful in the opposite situation – when you are on Tilt and someone uses this to take all your money.

How To Not Get Tilted In Smash

Remember that every time you play Texas Holdem poker you must be very attentive about your decisions in every hand. When you see you are making more and more mistakes it is sure you are going on Tilt. Learning how to avoid Tilt will certainly help you to improve your play and become a professional Texas Holdem player.


Texas Holdem

Texas Holdem Strategy

Texas Hold ‘Em Poker Strategy Tips

Welcome to Texas Holdem Poker Strategy page. Here you will find tips and tricks about Texas Holdem and how to use strategy to make money. If you are dreaming of playing in a big money tournament then this is a good place to start. Let’s talk about Big Slick for a minute. AK is a terrific hand BEFORE the flop. After the flop you might want to discard Big Slick like it was 6, 9 off suit. Before the flop you will want to raise. You raise to get people out of the pot who might be able to beat you. Let’s face it, if the flop gives him a pair of deuces he has you beat so you want to pull in your horns if the flop did not significantly improve your hand. It is a good idea for the beginner whose patience is being tested, by seeing bad hand after bad hand to watch out for the trap of over enthusiasm. It has happened to me more than once. I will let hand after hand go by and not be able to play for an hour. When I begin to get bored with not playing I am making a big mistake. You are there and should be paying attention to ALL the hands weather you have money invested or not. Use the time to begin cataloging all the players. I watch the guy on the button. Will he play any cards delt no matter how poor they are because he likes the position? If no one has raised the blind will he raise to try and steal the blinds? Texas Holdem is a lot like war. If you can cut through the fog of war with information you will make money.

Texas Hold’em Strategy For Beginners

Pay particular attention to the two people to your left. Once you have passed the button on to them you may be able to buy it back with a raise. Raising in late position will confuse the enemy. He will not be entirely sure of the reason for the raise. Are you running a bluff? Are you looking for information? Or are you just trying to get folks out of the game because you do not have a real strong hand like AK? If you have AA or KK you should be raising anyway. You are sitting with the best pre-flop hand with Ace,Ace. It is time to try and drive as many out of the game as possible. Make them take a long hard look at what they can gain(The size of the pot) compared what they have to risk to get it. You do not want someone holding suited hole cards to be able to see the flop on the cheap. Even if you hold Ace, King and draw the not straight he can beat you with a flush. Make him pay to see the flop. The rage to play Texas Holdem is sweeping the nation. Six months ago you could barely find a casino with a holdem table in Vegas. Now you can’t walk five feet in any direction without tripping over one. There is lots of money to be made playing holdem. There is also lots of money to be lost. Be patient and be careful. Hopes and dreams do not tell the tale. The cards speak for themselves. If you loose focus while you are playing poker, you will also loose your money. It is a game that demands concentration and patience. Holdem poker is beginning to see lots and lots of women playing. Do not underestimate a woman. They might be smarter than you. You are better of playing free texas holdem before you put your money down. It is easy to learn the game in a few minutes but it can take a lifetime to grasp the subtleties of the game. Play free online. Don’t waste your time in a game where nine out of ten players call every hand. You will learn nothing. The first rule of the game is to, “Watch Your Ass”.

Basic Texas Hold’em Strategy

Chips really are money. Even in the free games play as if the money were real. One of these days it will be. When you play remember that you will live or die on the river. If you have read the table right you will know which players will follow you all the way to the last card. Play online for the practice and the money. It saves gas which should be a consideration if it costs you more that $2.50 to get to a casino. One of the first poker rules is to keep track of your wins and losses, including the expenses of food, rooms, and travel. The best Strategy is patience. Plan on playing no more than three hands an hour. Some of them you will not play to completion. The best Strategy in a holdem tournament is to preserve your stack. A poker tournament calls for survival early on and aggressive play at the final table. Play free online frequently. It gives you an edge having more practice than the other guy. Pick your free games carefully so that they match reality. A game can go on for hours. Do not lose focus as time drags on. Incredible as it may seem being in good physical shape is a big plus in a game and most especially in a tournament. The best tip for the new player is to realize that your nuts are in your cards. They talk for them selves and should be telling you that testosterone will not fill a straight. A no limit game is really the only place that you can bluff successfully. There is always a moron at the table who will call every bet in a limit game. Playing online can reduce your expenses and put an otherwise losing day over into the win column. Never underestimate the cost of food and gas. You can play very loose in a free game but you will learn nothing unless you treat the free chips like they are real money. If you play free for practice make sure that you play it like it is for real. If you have nine other people playing real loose set back and wait to clobber them with a good hand. The ultimate game is no limit holdem. this is where all the practice in the free games makes you the money. Remember to focus. If you are playing with a woman be aware that she is a lot more dangerous than she may seem. Don’t worry about the odds. Play the people and be aware that you will always live or die on the river. If a free poker game becomes a lesson in humility then be happy that it is not a real money game. Analyze your mistakes and learn more than how to eat crow. When you sit down to a game be prepared for the long haul. If you are smart you will average playing in no more than three hands an hour. If you are stupid you will play in almost every hand. There are many places to buy a Texas Holdem table. An online purchase is safe and secure and a lot smarter than spending twenty bucks on gas to save ten. Enter as many holdem tournaments as you can. The key to winning a tournament is survival in the first faze and naked aggression at the final table. Get the download and get started. I may not make you a fortune but it is a lot of fun to play even if you never deposit any real money into the account. The best Strategy is not to play with money that you cannot afford to lose. It is a lot of fun to play and will give you lots of tense moments but if you get in over your head you can’t say that you haven’t been warned. If you want to order a Texas Holdem poker table online. be assured that is is safe and secure. Most credit card companies have a line or two at the top of your statement saying that online ordering is 100% protected.



The Different Types of Online Slots

Slots are among the some of the easiest casino games to play both on or offline. However, one could argue that playing online is far less of a hassle because all you need to do is fire up the software, kick back in your computer chair and start playing. It has been said that online slots offer slightly higher payouts in comparison to those found at land-based casinos. In fact, statistics show that the payout percentage of online casinos is an estimated 95 to 98% while the their real-world counterparts are at around 85 to 90%. This has given many the incentive to make their way online for a shot at the slots.

Types of Online Slots Game

What several enjoy about playing slots online is the wide variety of games they have to select from. Some of the variations you might find at an internet casino include:

Classic Slots

Often referred to as basic slots, classic slots make up one of the most popular games you will find at an online casino. This is mainly because the players believe they have a better chance of winning than with other types of slots. With classic slots, you have single pay lines and multi-pay lines as well as three and five reel variations. When pulling the lever on a game of classic slots, you can dramatically increase the probabilities of winning by going with max bets instead of low-balling your way down to nothing.

Feature Slots

These slots are a big hit in both online and land-based casinos. They give you a number of components such as wilds, bonus rounds, multipliers and scatters. These elements intensify the challenge of the game and increase the chances of winning as well. Most feature slots function as multi-line slots, allowing you to win free spins or more cash.

Multi-line Slots

Multi-line slots typically consist of three or more reels; some actually go up to as many as nine. Additionally, these slots almost always offer two or more pay lines. It isnt uncommon for the pay lines on a multi-line slots game to exceed the 40 mark. What makes these type of slots so popular is that they offer bonus rounds and progressive jackpots that get pretty big, pretty fast.

Bonus Slots

Hence the name, bonus slots come bearing multiple bonus rounds. While you need to trigger the bonus rounds, the triggers are often plentiful and vary between different games of bonus slots. After finding out what the bonus round has to offer, you then attempt to multiple your winnings by playing the initial game.

Progressive Slots

Progressive slots are a major hit in the world of online gambling, primarily due to their huge jackpots. These slots can either be single or multi-line and may also contain features such as bonus rounds. Players flock to progressive slots because they usually run on quality gaming software, almost anyone can play and if we didn’t mention, the jackpots are crazy.


These are just some of the slots games you have to play with online. While the rules vary slightly, all are simple to play and can be just as, if not more fun than the real deal.


Texas Holdem

Bad Starting Hands in Texas Holdem

Learn How to Play Texas Hold’em

Texas Holdem poker is a very entertaining and easy game to play, but every advanced poker player will tell you that it is quite difficult to master. Almost everyone all around the world knows how to play Texas Holdem and enjoy this game at home with his friends or in a poker room. Today, even if you cannot find partners to play with, you can visit many online poker rooms, which are full with Texas Holdem players day and night, so you can enjoy your favourite game whenever you want. There are many things to learn in this card game and you will need much time to practice if you want to become a successful Texas Holdem player and win real money while playing. And if you are a new player you will need to learn the hand rankings and the rules of the game first. In Texas Holdem poker it is very important for every player to know how to play his starting hand. It is quite easy when your pocket cards are two Aces, but if you are dealt decent or bad hand you are faced with a difficult choice – you have to decide whether to play or fold your hand.

Decent Texas Holdem starting hands:

You have decent starting hand when your two hole cards are 8-8 or 7-7, 9 and Jack or 9 and 10 suited, 8 and 9 or 7 and 8 suited, Ace and any other card of the same suite. You will need to play very attentively when you are dealt these hands, because some of your opponents may have better cards. You can raise with these cards if the first three community cards improve your hand, but be very careful with the decent starting hands when you are in middle position.

Bad starting hands in Texas Holdem poker:

2-7 offsuit – this is the worst starting hand you can receive in Texas Holdem poker. You have no chance to make even straight draw, so when you are dealt these two cards it is better to fold. 2-8 offsuit – this is also a very bad hand and when you receive it you should consider folding. The only advantage of 2-8 offsuit hand over 2-7 offsuit hand is that 8 beats 7. Other bad hands are 3-8, 2-9 and 2-6 all offsuit. As you see with these hands you cannot make straight draw or flush draw, so when you are dealt such starting hands your best decision will be to fold and wait for better hand. If you hold one of these hands it is sure that almost all of your opponents have better starting hands and it means they have better chances to win the pot.



Blackjack Basics

Blackjack Basics Online

The game of blackjack is one that can be found in virtually ever casino on and offline throughout the world. Despite its popularity, many players are often intimidated, believing that it is a difficult game to play. In actuality, the main focus of blackjack is simple.

The Deal

Blackjack starts with each player putting up their wager and then being dealt two cards. The dealer, perhaps the most critical player, also receives two cards. All of your cards are dealt face up while the dealer only exposes one of their cards. Unlike other games, it doesn’t really matter if other players can view your cards as you are essentially playing against the dealer and the house.

The Goal

With blackjack, the ultimate goal is to get as close to 21 before the dealer does. The most important factor is that you cant go over or you’ll be busted. Cards go by face value with all picture cards being worth 10 and the Ace being 1 or 11. If your initial two cards do not up add up to 21, or a number that is relatively close wherein you feel that you can beat the dealer, you can ask the dealer to hit you to get an additional card. You are free to receive a hit until striking 21 and winning, or going over 21 and losing your bet.

Stand or Hit

Once you are satisfied with your point total, you can choose to stand and give the next player an opportunity. When the dealer gets his or her turn, they get a chance to turn over their other card. If the dealer has a total of 16 or less, they must take a hit. They must stand with 17 or more. If the dealer comes up with a soft 17, which is an Ace and 6 where a hit cant cause a bust because they can use it as a one-point card, the rules vary among casinos on whether or not the dealer must take a hit. If the dealer gets busted, everyone still alive in the game wins. If the dealer does not bust, money is evenly distributed to players who have a higher point total. When there is a tie in blackjack, no one wins any money. Casinos make their money on the concept of if both the player and dealer busts, the house wins. Although you dont aim to bust, causing the dealer to bust is very important and a key strategy in the game of blackjack.

Additional Blackjack Rules

In blackjack, you also have the option to double down, which means you take an additional card for double your bet. Another option is the spit, which is a situation where you use two cards of the same value that act as the as the initial cards for two new hands, which gives you double the bet as well. You can also take what is known as an insurance if the dealer shows an Ace. If so, you break even when the dealer hits blackjack and lose the bet if they don’t, in addition to what is won or lost in regard to the outcome of the hand.