Texas Holdem

Bad Starting Hands in Texas Holdem

Learn How to Play Texas Hold’em

Texas Holdem poker is a very entertaining and easy game to play, but every advanced poker player will tell you that it is quite difficult to master. Almost everyone all around the world knows how to play Texas Holdem and enjoy this game at home with his friends or in a poker room. Today, even if you cannot find partners to play with, you can visit many online poker rooms, which are full with Texas Holdem players day and night, so you can enjoy your favourite game whenever you want. There are many things to learn in this card game and you will need much time to practice if you want to become a successful Texas Holdem player and win real money while playing. And if you are a new player you will need to learn the hand rankings and the rules of the game first. In Texas Holdem poker it is very important for every player to know how to play his starting hand. It is quite easy when your pocket cards are two Aces, but if you are dealt decent or bad hand you are faced with a difficult choice – you have to decide whether to play or fold your hand.

Decent Texas Holdem starting hands:

You have decent starting hand when your two hole cards are 8-8 or 7-7, 9 and Jack or 9 and 10 suited, 8 and 9 or 7 and 8 suited, Ace and any other card of the same suite. You will need to play very attentively when you are dealt these hands, because some of your opponents may have better cards. You can raise with these cards if the first three community cards improve your hand, but be very careful with the decent starting hands when you are in middle position.

Bad starting hands in Texas Holdem poker:

2-7 offsuit – this is the worst starting hand you can receive in Texas Holdem poker. You have no chance to make even straight draw, so when you are dealt these two cards it is better to fold. 2-8 offsuit – this is also a very bad hand and when you receive it you should consider folding. The only advantage of 2-8 offsuit hand over 2-7 offsuit hand is that 8 beats 7. Other bad hands are 3-8, 2-9 and 2-6 all offsuit. As you see with these hands you cannot make straight draw or flush draw, so when you are dealt such starting hands your best decision will be to fold and wait for better hand. If you hold one of these hands it is sure that almost all of your opponents have better starting hands and it means they have better chances to win the pot.