Texas Holdem

Best Starting Hands in Texas Holdem

How Do You Play Texas Hold’em Step By Step

The game of Texas Holdem could be very profitable for everyone who knows its rules and uses the best strategy. No matter whether you are a beginner or an advanced poker player, you will also need a little luck in order to become a winner. One of the keys to your success in Texas Holdem poker game is the knowledge of which cards to play and which cards to fold. In the beginning of the game you should decide whether to play your two hole cards, so knowing the value of the cards is very important part of your play. Of course your decision on which cards to play depends on your position at the Texas Holdem table. 

The best starting hands in Texas Holdem poker game:

Ace-Ace is the strongest starting hand you can receive when playing Texas Holdem poker. Remember that this hand will win more than any other hand. King-King is the second best Texas Holdem hand and holding this hand you have very good chances to win. Ace-King is also a strong hand, but you need to rely on the first three community cards in order to get a pair of Aces or Kings and to see the flop. Queen-Queen – two suited Queens are also a very strong hand. Only Ace-Ace and King-King will beat this hand. Jack-Jack – this is a quite good starting hand but in order to win the game you need to be dealt good community cards, which will help you to improve your hand. When your pocket cards are Ace-Ace, King-King or Ace-King suited, you can raise and even re-raise before the flop and you have good chances to win the game. When you are dealt Queen-Queen or Jack-Jack you still have good chances to become the winner, but all depends on the first three community cards.

Strong starting hands in Texas Holdem poker:

Ace-Queen is second best drawing hand and when these two cards are of one suit, the hand will win about 20% of the time. Ace-Jack – this is another quite good drawing hand even unsuited, but it is better when the two cards are suited. King-Queen is a strong drawing hand, especially when King and Queen are suited. King-Jack – when the cards are of the same suit, this hand wins under 20% of the time and when unsuited the percentage falls under 15%. Ace-Ten – this is still a good hand and it is better when it is suited. When you are dealt these strong cards you have the chance to improve your hand especially when the two cards are suited. Be very careful when you are dealt King-Jack or Ace-Ten unsuited and if you think somebody has a stronger hand, it is better to fold. Remember that deciding whether to play your starting hand or not is one of the most important skills you have to master if you want to become a professional Texas Holdem player.