Blackjack Basics

Blackjack Basics Online

The game of blackjack is one that can be found in virtually ever casino on and offline throughout the world. Despite its popularity, many players are often intimidated, believing that it is a difficult game to play. In actuality, the main focus of blackjack is simple.

The Deal

Blackjack starts with each player putting up their wager and then being dealt two cards. The dealer, perhaps the most critical player, also receives two cards. All of your cards are dealt face up while the dealer only exposes one of their cards. Unlike other games, it doesn’t really matter if other players can view your cards as you are essentially playing against the dealer and the house.

The Goal

With blackjack, the ultimate goal is to get as close to 21 before the dealer does. The most important factor is that you cant go over or you’ll be busted. Cards go by face value with all picture cards being worth 10 and the Ace being 1 or 11. If your initial two cards do not up add up to 21, or a number that is relatively close wherein you feel that you can beat the dealer, you can ask the dealer to hit you to get an additional card. You are free to receive a hit until striking 21 and winning, or going over 21 and losing your bet.

Stand or Hit

Once you are satisfied with your point total, you can choose to stand and give the next player an opportunity. When the dealer gets his or her turn, they get a chance to turn over their other card. If the dealer has a total of 16 or less, they must take a hit. They must stand with 17 or more. If the dealer comes up with a soft 17, which is an Ace and 6 where a hit cant cause a bust because they can use it as a one-point card, the rules vary among casinos on whether or not the dealer must take a hit. If the dealer gets busted, everyone still alive in the game wins. If the dealer does not bust, money is evenly distributed to players who have a higher point total. When there is a tie in blackjack, no one wins any money. Casinos make their money on the concept of if both the player and dealer busts, the house wins. Although you dont aim to bust, causing the dealer to bust is very important and a key strategy in the game of blackjack.

Additional Blackjack Rules

In blackjack, you also have the option to double down, which means you take an additional card for double your bet. Another option is the spit, which is a situation where you use two cards of the same value that act as the as the initial cards for two new hands, which gives you double the bet as well. You can also take what is known as an insurance if the dealer shows an Ace. If so, you break even when the dealer hits blackjack and lose the bet if they don’t, in addition to what is won or lost in regard to the outcome of the hand.