Texas Holdem

Famous Texas Holdem Players

Famous Texas Holdem Players

Texas Holdem poker is an interesting card game, played all around the world. You can play this poker game at home with your friends, you can visit a casino and join a Texas Holdem table and today you can even play it on the Internet. Online you will find many poker rooms where you can play for free and for real money, you can take part in online Texas Holdem tournaments and if you are a good poker player you could win big real-cash prizes. As you probably know, there are hundreds professional players who play Texas Holdem every day and participate in big online and real poker tournaments. Many of these players are really good in Texas Holdem game and win millions of dollars. Here are some of the best and most popular Texas Holdem players:

Poker Player Rankings

Michael Mizrachi – also known as Mike The Grinder Mizrachi, the professional poker player was born on 5th of January 1981. First, his family lived in North Miami Beach and later they moved to Hollywood, Florida. He has a twin brother – Eric Mizrachi and other two brothers. In the beginning, Michael Mizrachi start playing online poker after one of his brothers – Robert won a prize playing online. Robert Mizrachi is also a successful poker player. During the last few years Mizrachi becomes a very popular poker player with his successes in some large tournaments. In 2005 Michael Mizrachi reached the final table in the World Poker Tour tournament. Also in 2005 The Grinder won the LA Poker Classic and became fifth at the World Poker Open. 2006 is also a successful year for the young poker player – he took second place at Gold Strike World Poker Open, Tunica and became the winner at Borgata Winter Poker Open at Atlantic City. Daniel Negreanu is also a very well-known Texas Holdem poker player. He was born on 26th of July 1974 in Toronto and now he lives in Las Vegas. Daniel started playing poker when he was only 15 years old. After he moved to Las Vegas, he became one of the most successful Texas Holdem players in the world. He has won many large tournaments as the 1998 Pot Limit Holdem event, the 1999 US Poker Championship, the 2003 Shoe event and many more. In 2004, the Card Player Magazine and the World Poker Tour announced Daniel Negreanu as the Poker Player of the year. In 2004 he won over $4,400,000 participating in poker tournaments. In 2006 Daniel Negreanu won the WSOP Circuit Championship at Grand Casino-Resorts in Tunica.

Best Online Poker Players

Joseph Hachem is a 39 years old professional poker player, who became the 2005 World Champion of Poker. He was born in Lebanon, but now he lives near Melbourne in Australia. He started playing poker 10 years ago, but this was his first World Series of Poker event. In the main event at the 2005 World Series of Poker he overcame 5618 No Limit Holdem players to become the winner. His victory brought him the World Champion of Poker title and $7,500,000. Phil Ivey was born in 1976 and now he lives in Atlantic City. He has been a professional poker player since 10 years, but became popular during the last few years. Now Phil Ivey is one of the top poker players on the whole planet. This young poker player has many successes – he won the 2000 Pot Limit event, the 2002 Shoe event, the 2005 Pot Limit Omaha event and many more tournaments. In season one of the World Poker Tour he finished third at the Foxwoods event, took second place at Tunica and became third at the World Poker Tour Final. During 2005 Phil Ivey has around $3,4000,000 in tournament winnings and was announced as the 2005 Poker Player of the year by the Bluff Magazine.