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Slots are the most popular games in online casinos. And no wonder-modern slot games compete for visibility with video games, and you can win big pots with small stakes. Visit the best slot games directly on Paraskasino.fi’s recommended game pages or deepen your knowledge first with the information packs compiled on this page.

Why are slot machines so popular online?

Slots are distinguished from other casino games by their simplicity. This game does not need to deal with game strategy or card counting, but you can enjoy an entertaining gaming experience. Skillfully crafted games are highly addictive, and having a fun hobby can help you achieve big wins over time.

You also don’t need a large bank account to play slots. In many games, the minimum bet is only 10 cents, so even a few euros can be very useful for occasional wins. In addition, you can also play slots with bonus money or free spins.

What kinds of slot games can be found at online casinos?

There are many different types of slot games in online casinos. The theme of the game varies from side to side: there is horror, princess stories, a beer catcher, the mystique of an ancient Egyptian and more. It’s hard to find a topic that doesn’t turn into a gambling game.

How do slot machines work?

The themes of the slot games vary greatly, but the structure of the games is very similar. The game usually has five reels and three paylines. The symbols spin on these reels and when the move is completed, players expect to stay on the payline in the winning combination.

The number of reels varies, and in traditional slot games, for example, there are only three. Some games use a drop symbol instead of spinning the reels, and in this slot game, for example, the grid could be 8 x 8.

Sometimes games use clusters instead of paylines. In this case, it is not necessary to align the symbols but to maximise the formation of the same symbol.

Special output functions

Many players think that the special feature is the salt of the slot machines. With a feature like this, your chances of winning can suddenly increase significantly, even when you’re playing with small stakes.

The Free Rotation Function

Slots can be played with free spins offered by the casino, but many slots also have a built-in free spins feature. They usually start by showing a minimum of 3 scatter symbols.

Free spins are split into different amounts in different games. However, it is important that players can spin their reels without compromising their game account balance. Sometimes you can get more chances during free spins and more free spins with good spins.

The bonus game

Another interesting special feature is the in-game bonus game. For example, in a bonus game, a player can go to a treasure chest to select a treasure chest where the prize will be unlocked. Bonus games can be used to win cash, free spins, or other opportunities.

Some slot games can have a number of different bonus games that are implemented in the most attractive way. Bonus games can also lead to big wins—at best, winnings can even reach jackpot levels.


Most slots have a joker. It can replace any symbol in a winning combination, so wilds are what you want when you spin. These symbols can take many forms. For example, sometimes wilds take turns or they can evolve to cover the entire bingo bonus.

Examples of the most popular slot games

The most popular game producer is undoubtedly Sweden’s NetEnt. The manufacturer is known for its elegantly executed and innovative games, which also have excellent winning chances. Other popular game makers include Microgaming, Play ‘n Go, Quickspin, Yggdrasil, and Betsoft.

Check out NetEnt’s Gonzo Quest and check out the industry’s most iconic slot game. The game is the first online casino game to use 3D graphics and also introduces the last mechanism of the symbols. The theme of the game is set among the conquerors of South America and follows the journey of the historical figure Gonzalo Pizarro to the mystical El Dorado.

Slightly different themes are also represented by NetEnt’s Blood Suckers and its sequel, Blood Suckers 2. As the name suggests, the theme of this game focuses on vampires. The first part of the game immediately became popular due to its rare and high recovery rate, and the second part silenced the audience with its skillful graphics and bloodthirsty atmosphere.

What is a committee?

All slots have a Return to Player RTP. This figure shows how much the average player gets back from the money he has invested in the game. Usually, in online casino games, RTP moves at a rate of 95–97%, but the accordion certainly extends both ways.

If the game has a payout percentage of 95, the player has an average of $95 per 100 games. The remaining 5 euros are deposited in the casino. This reading is, of course, just a theory, so using every game does not guarantee it will end up as described above. However, the measurements are based on the truth and third parties test the payback percentage of the game.

Many players want a game with a high RTP. In the short term, this may not be a problem for players, but in the long term, the game could bring a few more wins.

It is also worth remembering that online casino bonuses have very different payout percentages than, say, domestic gambling monopolies. An example is the well-known old lottery, with an average yield of 40%.

What is meant by “volatility”?

Volatility or fluctuation can also be heard in slot machines. These terms tell you how easy it is to win the game and how big the winnings usually are.

If the game’s volatility is high, it will rarely pay out winnings. However, the advantage is that if a profit is made, it is usually a large one. In low volatility slots, winnings fall steadily but are often small in size.

How can I choose the most suitable slot game for myself?

Different games are suitable for different players. If you have a lot of money and patience, high volatility, high RTP games may be best for you. The game is Mega Joker of Immortal Romance.

On the other hand, if your bank account is small and you can’t wait to win indefinitely, it’s best to choose a slot machine with low volatility. Examples are the aforementioned Bloodsucker or 1429 Uncharted Seas.

Can slots be played on mobile devices?

Yes, that’s possible. Nowadays, almost all new slot games are also made directly for mobile devices, and some game manufacturers produce their games specifically for the mobile versions mentioned above. In other words, games are designed to be played primarily on mobile phones or tablets.

Modern slot games don’t even last on regular smartphone screens, so playing the game is fun and smooth. Many gamers use slots as a fun hobby in the dull times of life because mobile casinos always have you in their pocket.

Mobile games are also safe. Of course, this requires that you choose a reliable and licenced casino for your location. All the gambling sites listed on the Paraskasino.fi website are legal and supervised by the authorities, so you can play gambling games with them on mobile devices and computers.

Play free slots.

Almost all online casinos offer different bonuses and free spin packages. If you want to try out slots without your own money or with a small deposit, you can do that by, for example, exchanging welcome offers at a new casino.

New slots are often launched with free spins. Free promotion rounds can be offered to new and existing casino customers—sometimes as a gift in addition to the deposit or as a free trial offer. Many casinos also host tournaments for slot enthusiasts, which can be rewarded with a large number of free spins.

There is nothing to stop you from gambling for money. You can usually select this option directly from the game and test it completely risk-free this way. If you like the game, you can continue playing with your own money.

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