Popular Online Casino Games

Most Played Online Casino Games

Online casinos have been around for more than a decade now but really exploded over the last five years or so. These web-based platforms present a dynamic virtual atmosphere that mimics the real-life casinos in Las Vegas and Atlantic City nearly to the tee. Best of all, there are plenty of options for game play, thus finding your favorite game should be quite easy. Here are some of the most popular casino games you have to choose from.


Though many people are not familiar with the game, baccarat is a major hit in online casinos. The object of the game is to draw a hand with a face value as close to 9 as possible. You begin with two cards, add their value and if they equal 10 or higher, the first digit is discarded. From there, you play the hand against the dealer. In baccarat, the winner isn’t necessarily based on who has the better hand. Instead, you place a wager on who you think will win a particular round you or the dealer. Make the right choice and you get paid out at the odds, no matter whether you lose the hand or not.


Originated centuries ago in Europe, Blackjack is one of the most exciting and easiest casino games to play. The object is simple draw your cards until the face value adds up 21 or close as possible. You start out with two cards and can be hit with more until you decide to stay or get busted. The dealer than draws until they reach 17 or bust. You generally get paid 1:1 odds if you win.


Poker is huge, but roulette is crowned as the King of Casino Games. What makes roulette so fun is that it is a game of pure chance with little to no skill involved. The wheel consists of number slots, usually colored black or red. You place your bet on the number or color you think will come up, the dealer spins and drops a silver ball into the wheel, which bounces about until it stops at one of the slots and reveals the winning number. If it stops on the one you chose, you could win big.


Online slots are basically the same as those you would find in a real casino. Simply place your bet, pull the virtual level and the drums go spinning. Once they stop, the images are aligned and of course, different configurations result in different payouts. The most exciting part about online slots is the progressive jackpots as they tend to mount up very quickly. Some pots even climb into the millions.

Video Poker

Just like Saturday night poker at your buddy’s house, the goal of video poker is to build the most powerful hand you possibly can. You place your bet and the virtual dealer gives you five cards. If you get something good on the first try, click the buttons underneath your cards to hold them. The dealer discards the ones you dont choose and deals you more cards, which result in your final hand. With a good casino, the payouts are increasingly higher the better your hand gets. With poker being such a phenomenon right now, finding a casino that offers video poker should be a breeze.