Texas Holdem

Short Handed Texas Holdem

Short-handed Hold’em Poker Tips

Short-Handed Texas Holdem poker is a game with six or less players at the table. Today the Short-Handed play is wide spread, especially in No Limit Holdem games and knowing how to play against less opponents is very important for you if you want to become a good poker player. It is very exciting to play Short-Handed Texas Holdem, because this game gives you more action than you would find in any full-table game. Most of the expert poker players prefer playing against fewer opponents, because the game is more interesting and they have the chance to win more often against less skilled players.  You will be playing many more hands in Short-Handed poker, so if you are a weak Texas Holdem player your opponents will soon realize that. If you know how to play Texas Holdem poker and what strategies to apply in different situations, the Short-Handed game could be very profitable for you. If you know how to beat your opponents you would win more money than in a full-ring table. Also if you want to take part in a Texas Holdem tournament and become the winner, you will need to be a very good Short-Handed player, because when you are at the final table you will play against a little number of players. As you have to play more hands in Short-Handed Texas Holdem, a good strategy will be to play them aggressively, but very carefully. Remember that the correct strategy for a Short-Handed game is quite different from the strategy you can use at a full-table game. In order to overcome your opponents you will need to raise and re-raise many playable hands, especially when you play from late position. When you are in early position you must be more selective about your hands. Do not play weak and average hands from early position, especially if your pocket cards are A and 2 off-suited or worse.

Short Deck Poker

When the flop takes place you must continue to play aggressively, because the slow playing is not a good strategy in Short-Handed Texas Holdem poker. At this point, a good approach will be to play any kind of Flush or Straight draw if you want to stay in the hand and see the showdown. In Short-Handed Holdem games all hands, which contain an Ace or a Kind are very good, particularly when they are suited. With such hands you have a very good chance to win. Remember that any pair, even pairs like 5-5 and 6-6 are good hands in Short-Handed games and you must know how to play these hands depending on your position at the table.

Short-handed Poker Starting Hands

When you play Short-Handed Texas Holdem poker you should be very careful when you bluff. In such games do not bluff with more than two opponents at once, because it is most likely that one of your opponents is holding a hand, which is strong enough to re-raise you. So be very careful when bluffing and do it considering your position at the table. If you know how to read your opponents’ bluffs in Short-Handed Texas Holdem, the game will be more exciting and more profitable for you. Our advice is to play more often the game of Short-Handed poker, because it will teach you how to play and win at the final table in every big Texas Holdem tournament.