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Customer reviews: Texas Hold’em For Dummies

Reading Texas Holdem books will certainly help everyone who wants to become a successful poker player. You are wrong if you think that knowing the rules of the game and practicing with your friends will make you a professional Texas Holdem player. Today it is not difficult at all to find books about poker and these books are realy good because their authors are very popular Texas Holdem players. Many expert poker players will tell you that reading Texas Holdem books is probably the best way to improve your play and sharpen your skills.  Harrington on Holdem – Volume 1 and Volume 2, written by Dan Harrington and Bill Robertie Harrington on Holdem is a great book for intermediate to advanced Texas Holdem players. Reading the first volume you will learn how to play in No Limit Texas Holdem tournaments. Here you will read about how to play in the first stages of a poker tournament and what strategies to apply. Many other topics are discussed in Harrington on Holdem Volume 1, such as hand analysis and pot odds, betting patterns, how to vary your style and much more. Harrington on Holdem Volume 2 focuses again on No Limit Texas Holdem game. This book will teach you how to play in later stages of a No Limit Holdem tournament and at the final table in large tournaments. So if your favourite game is No Limit Texas Holdem and if you want to participate in big poker tournaments, Harrington on Holdem is the book you need to read.

Championship No-Limit & Pot Limit

The authors of this great book have won millions of dollars participating in No Limit and Pot Limit Texas Holdem tournaments, so they can give you very useful advices about how to play in such competitions. Reading Championship No-Limit & Pot Limit you will learn how to bet raise and re-raise, which are the best winning strategies for No Limit and Pot Limit tournaments, when to bluff, how to read your opponents and many other things, which will help you to better your tournament play.

Internet Texas Holdem

Today almost everyone play Texas Holdem in the online poker rooms. Every good poker player knows that there are many differences between playing online poker and playind in a real card room. Internet Texas Holdem by Matthew Hilger focuses on the online Limit Texas Holdem poker. If you prefer playing online Texas Holdem, in this book you will find many valuable advices, which will certainly improve your play. This book is useful for both beginners and experienced poker players and reading it you will learn the best strategies for online Texas Holdem game, how to play your starting hand and much more. All these books are written by professional Texas Holdem players, who have won many cash games and big tournaments, so learn from the authors’ experience and become a professional Texas Holdem player.